Bring Me Back Here: A Letter To The Busy Mom Doubting Herself (Giveaway Included!)

A Letter to the busy mom doubting herself and her calling:

Lord, bring me back here.

In the moments I believe that my success, followers, career, or desires are my why…

Bring me back here.

In the moments when I doubt my purpose or question my pursuit.

On the days where I feel I’m falling short and questioning the life we’ve created for them, bring me back here.

To a moment when all they want is to be close to my heart or to push away my kisses in hopes to chase their own will…

Bring me back here.

Bring me back here, as the tears come on days I feel like my best isn’t enough, bring me back to this gentle place, where we are all they need.

Bring me back here.

Where my fingers can trace the round rosy cheeks that are chapped by Michigan’s winter, bring me back here.

Where tiny arms are wrapped around baby brother as she comforts the way she’s learned how we comfort her.

Where clenched sweaty fists are the reminder that we are the safety they long for in a day where the world often feels like it’s falling apart.

Bring me back here.

Where for a moment the chaos of that world stops, and the world we were meant to live in rises up from deep in my soul, knowing this is a glimpse inside the world we were truly made for.

Bring me back here, where the remanence of long lashes fluttering means dreams and visions that will someday turn into their passions and calling.

Bring me back here, as the gentle fist that clings ever tighter as I breathe, will someday push away my love. 

Oh Lord, please even then…

Bring me back here…

To this moment.

To this still silent moment I often rush through as bedtime with two littles can get lost in the chaos of prioritizing my marriage and dare I say my Netflix or scrolling calling.

Lord, in the seasons of striving, or when self-doubt screams louder than Your still soft voice, bring me back here.

And then still, in the days of abundance and adventure, bring me back here. 

To pause, to breathe, to reset.

Bring me back here.

To the place of grace, the end of me, and the start of You.

Where my weakness meets Your strength when we need it most.

Bring me back here.

Where my best was never meant to be enough, but only a love I give through the overflow and pursuit of my Creator will be.

Mom leaning over babies crib - Quote image - My best was never meant to be enough but only the love I give through the overflow and the pursuit of my Creator will be.

The love that allows me to fiercely break through my walls of doubt and discouragement, to find the peace and rest my soul needs.

Bring me back here.

To him, to her, to You, and the once again, gentle reminder to pause.

To pause and take life for the magnificent roller coaster, yet ever-changing and constant ride that it is.

Bring me back here.


If you’re in a season of busyness, often days questioning your purpose, I pray this letter to the busy mom doubting herself, brings you hope, and reminds you to pause and remember the gift and sacrifice of your calling as a mother.




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Bring Me Back Here: A Letter To The Busy Mom Doubting Herself (Giveaway Included!)


  1. Beth Bailey says:

    This is a beautiful post. It’s so easy to get lost in the day to day, and not appreciate the little things. Shared for all my mama friends to remember to soak in the small things that make all the difference.

    • Matt & Dayna says:

      Thank you so much! This means the world to us- we are encouraged and inspired to be bringing a vulnerable yet encouraging safe place for all walks of life in the parenting and marriage faith journey!

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