The Heart + Purpose Behind The Pause Pursuit (Giveaway Included!)

In a world where busyness is glorified, self is absorbed, and comfort is ranked higher than calling, we kept feeling a hunger in our hearts for God to be experienced beyond what we’ve seen in our everyday. We knew there had to be more to finding our purpose; finding your purpose together. In a day where we count moments, seconds, calories, pounds, gray hairs, likes on facebook, followers/DMs on Instagram…we are truly missing out on what really “counts” in life; the legacy and pursuit of purpose that GOD has placed on our lives. To live a life pursuing the glory of His Kingdom, and bring others into a relationship with Him through the light that we exude. To experience not just another temporary high, but an Eternal Person who is mighty and able to accomplish in us, and through us, far beyond what we could ever hope or imagine.

Young couple holding hands as they snuggle in face to face - Quote image - Whatever builds up your faith and deepens your love must become your holy pursuit. 2 Timothy 2:22

As two imperfect people, raising two exhausting, yet wonderful tiny humans who call us mommy and daddy, we’ve felt God pulling us to cultivate a safe place for other couples and families to be empowered, and given permission to slow down, to pursue God and each other.


The Pause Pursuit is not only a safe place for us but a journey that we are asking you to come on with us! It’s a journey of finding your purpose as a parent, spouse, sibling, etc. A journey that will daily come up short of perfection, but a place where the pursuit of purpose and power, through the sustaining grace of God’s love for us, will shape the way we live. A place where real life meets a real Jesus, where stories are shared, and trials and triumphs are celebrated because this journey is not one we are taking alone, but with you. WE NEED YOU!


The backstory:

The beginning of this year, God spoke to us a powerful word for our family.

That this would be a Pillar year.

A year of becoming.

A year of finding our purpose, and finally beginning to walk it out.

A year where HE would establish in us a foundation to bring Him glory.


“By wisdom, a house is built,

and through understanding, it is established” Proverbs 24:3


A month later, we moved out of the first house we’d ever known, into a new city. We left the comfort of a church who loved and supported us in pursuit of what God was calling us to in a new ministry. We had new opportunities open for my photography business, began cultivating new friendships, relationships, and so much more. It was a season of change, to say the least. And then, the unexpected happened…


Matt was laid off effective immediately from a job he had for 10+ years. He was told his role was no longer needed. In those first few days, we settled in our soul to not let fear in, but instead, fully trust that God would come through, as He always does. We sought clarity through the confusion, and that’s the place where the defining moments of “The Pause Pursuit” were born. 


Matt came to me, in the kitchen, where I was covered in messy peanut butter from baking with the kids (not the ideal time) and said to me words I had been asking God to reveal to us for the last 4 years. 


“I think it’s time for us to step into the ministry that God has been calling us to.”


Now, if you don’t know Matt, maybe he can relate to some of you or your husbands. Matt is the logical one. The one who will calculate every route in shortest miles + time, then still find something else to calculate. The one who wants all the answers before getting his feet wet, who thinks through every emotion, and rationalizes every decision with a perfect plan. A perfect 5 on the enneagram scale.


That person was looking at me, asking me to take the biggest step in our life, knowing full well that we most certainly would not know every step along the way. There would be no steady paycheck, no perfectly mapped out plan, and no logical answer for everything that was staring at us. But, God.

God was the one who prompted Matt’s heart.

God was the one who was moving.

God was the one pursuing.


And as soon as those words came out of his mouth, as close as I’ve heard the audible voice of God, I heard:

“This is a defining moment. 

You can either speak fear or submit and support what he’s saying in the pursuit of what I’ve set your marriage apart for.”

No Paycheck. No Insurance. No … job?  Am I hearing you right, God? Is this really the purpose you have for us?


But in the deepest place of my heart, we both knew. 

We both knew that the God, who has come through for us so many times in the past, was calling us to more. We knew He was calling us to step out, to trust Him in the unknown, and to allow Him to make us a vessel for His goodness in leading families and couples to pursue Him deeper.


Not to glorify ourselves.

Not to pursue perfection.

Not for a platform.

But to pause in the pursuit of purpose.

To let him lead and guide and continue to establish in us, what He’s known we’ve been called to all along.


A place to empower couples and families to slow down to pursue God and each other!


Finding Your Purpose

We pray, that in the coming weeks, months, and years, as God continues to reveal to us our purpose in this pursuit, that you would join us! Join us in finding your purpose. Join us on this crazy journey called parenting. Join us as we figure out what it means to have a strong, healthy, GODLY marriage.

We pray that you would partner with us, first and foremost through prayer, but also join the journey by partnering with us!

For more details on how to partner with us, click here!

And LASTLY, thank you to all who have participated in our pre-launch GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY! The winner of the grand prize goes to:


ANITA NUMMERDOR!!! Please contact us via email for details on how to claim your prize!!


As mentioned in our LIVE VIDEO we will be doing giveaways ALL WEEK THIS WEEK in celebration of The Pause Pursuit Launch! Stay tuned on how to daily enter!




Our week of giveaways is complete. Thank you to everyone who liked, shared, commented, posted, etc.! Congratulations to the winners Stephanie O’Connell, Stacey Neigebauer, Katelyn Rittinger, and Carla Brown!


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The Heart + Purpose Behind The Pause Pursuit (Giveaway Included!)


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    Love this! So excited for this new ministry!

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