The Gimmick of Ministry

Anyone else ever feel like the process of starting a business or ministry is gimmicky? Is there such a thing as “the gimmick of ministry”? Is that a thing? I feel like since we launched The Pause Pursuit, the past few weeks has basically been one big nonstop sales pitch! Maybe it’s just me, but I hate feeling like I’m trying to convince someone to do something or be a part of something. It seems like if someone sees the value and purpose behind a cause, then they’ll WANT to join in on it. I think that concept is even truer when applied to ministries!

The tricky part is finding a way to get your name and content out there for people to see without it coming across like a “get rich quick” or “give me all your money” scam. At least, that’s what has been hard for me throughout this whole process so far. Dayna and I have no doubt that God has told us to step out and launch this ministry for Him, but figuring out how to get His message out to the world through us is challenging.

An Online Presence

In a world that is so driven by social media, it’s inevitable that you need some sort of presence in that space in order to reach people. It’s also proven that the best way to reach people through the most popular social media platforms is by boosting your posts and/or creating ads so that your content is seen by people outside of your initial audience and following. As most of you know, that means you have to spend some money. It also means that your content has to be intriguing and relatable. This is where the sales-yness comes in. There almost has to be some element of selling in order to catch people’s attention. While I get that, it still doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable for me. Plus, I’ve seen it all too often where people take it a bit too far and it becomes a big game of click-bait and broken promises.

Let Go And Let God

Ultimately, it really all comes down to balance. Like anything that God speaks to us that requires us to step out in faith, we can’t do it on our own strength. If you’re like me, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to work harder or try harder to accomplish the things that you feel God is calling you to. While hard work and diligence are important and necessary, sometimes we can take things too far and try to take on things that God doesn’t intend for us to. Our culture constantly teaches to “grind”, “go hard”, “hustle”, “fake it til you make it”, etc., but sometimes we have to embrace different catchphrases like “F.R.O.G.: Fully Rely On God”, “Have Faith”, “Let Go and Let God”, etc. We can’t always do everything in our own strength. We have to rely on God or else we don’t really have faith at all. Simply believing in God, believing that He exists is not faith…we must place our trust in Him too (even and especially when it seems hopeless or impossible in the natural) in order for it to truly be faith. That can be hard, but that’s where we can turn to His Word for comfort. In 2 Corinthians 12:9 it talks about how He is our source and strength when we are weak. Leaning on Him is the solution in all things!

Chains breaking off and morphing into birds flying - symbolizing freedom - Quote image - Through the vulnerability of our stories and yours, others can and will experience the freedom found and rooted in Christ. - The Gimmick of Ministry

I can’t tell you how tightly I’ve clung to that verse the past few weeks! As if the discomfort of feeling like we’re selling you something isn’t enough, my weakness meter is off the charts right now and my unqualified red flag is flying high! The number of times the enemy has tried and is continuing to try to beat me down is already countless. Isn’t it just so true that in the times where we are most on track with God’s plan, the times where we are pushing the hardest into what He has for us and how He wants to use us, those are the times that the enemy comes on the strongest?

We see it time and time again in the stories of believers around the world. His attempt to disqualify me, even just in my own head, is almost overwhelming. I could write a whole post just about that!

But that’s not God’s plan.

That’s not God’s desire.

God wants everyone in the entire world to come to know Him. Not just to believe He exists, but to truly have an encounter and deep, daily relationship with Him.

I pray, that through the vulnerability of our stories and yours, others can and will experience the freedom found and rooted in Christ. We’ve said it before, and we’ll most certainly say it again…

JOIN US on this journey and help God not only impact and transform your lives but let’s do this thing together to reach so many more people for Him as well! Whether you can provide financial support in addition to prayer support, or God’s just telling you to be a part of the online community, don’t hold back. Pray about it and ask Him how you can be a part of what He’s doing here. It’s going to be great, not because of who we are, or what we can do, but rather quite the opposite…because of Him!

God will prevail!

He will provide.

He will be made known.

And if this ministry plays even the smallest part in accomplishing that, then Lord, use me; gimmicks and all if needed. 🙂

Use us all!

For Your glory.

For Your name.

For Your Kingdom.

The Pause Pursuit




The Gimmick of Ministry


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