New Year, New Intros | 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Us

Whether you’ve known us for years or you’re as clueless about us as I am about astrophysics and neurology, here are a few things you didn’t know about us…


  1. I cry during pretty much every Hallmark and Lifetime movie.
  2. I had to put a self-imposed limit on how often I eat candy and drink Mountain Dew. The dad bod has been threatening enough before all that sugar! If only I could cut it out all together…maybe someday! #goals
    Although maybe there’s hope afterall…
    Mountain Dew Zero Sugar 20 ounce bottle
  3. I am a small/farm town, white, city boy and I listen to rap music more than any other genre (besides worship)! 😂🤷‍♂️ (It’s always Christian rap for what it’s worth…lol)
  4. I’m an introvert but have spoken and played guitar on stages more times than I can count (and I’m still uneasy about it every single time! 😬)
  5. I start listening to nothing but Christmas music on October 25th every year! 🎅🌲 Two solid months of nothing but that holly jolly goodness! HBD JC!! Haters gonna hate.


Young Dayna with her coke-bottle glasses on, holding a fishing pole. | New Year, New Intros | 10 Things You Didn't Know About Us | The Pause Pursuit


  1. My first language is emoji – if you’ve ever texted me, you know I can hold an entire conversation using solely emoticons.
  2. In friendships and relationships, I give it all, at times to a fault. I wear my heart on my sleeve and am “too much” for some people. Leaving my heart open hasn’t always come easy for me. I’ve had to fight to be vulnerable when all I’ve wanted to do is put up walls. It’s something that God is still working with me on, but I’ve learned that people open up through their vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Even if my biggest weakness is McDonald’s french fries…(kidding, sort of.)
  3. I get SO nervous public speaking. Like I literally hate it.  Sweaty palms, butterfly takeover, the whole she-bang. I’d rather eat a spider in my sleep than speak publicly. Isn’t it funny how God calls us into things that are OUR weaknesses so HE can show HIS strength!
  4. When I was growing up I had the most epic coke-bottle glasses. With eye surgery when I was two, and wearing an eye patch, my parents thought it would be cool to just give me the biggest, thickest coke bottle glasses ever; as if everything else wasn’t traumatizing enough.  Thanks, guys! 😉
  5. My dream job (aside from what I’m doing in ministry and my photography career now) has always been to be a marine biologist or something in the veterinary field. I love animals, and for a period of time even fostered abandoned senior dogs to keep them from being put down, and help them find a new home. When I was 6, I begged my parents to let me “adopt a whale” after watching Free Willy 6,721 times. They agreed and we filled out the form, and I raised all of $7.21 to pay for my whale. I expected them to bring a giant swimming pool in our yard, because hello, we were adopting a WHALE. Turns out, 25 years later, I’m still waiting on the swimming pool and my whale to show up! (“adopting” a whale looks different than what I imagined, but somewhere there is $7.21 given in my name to help the killer whales!)

Some of you probably knew some of these things, but some of them are things you didn’t know about us too.

We’d love to get to know you better too. Comment below with a few interesting things about yourself.


The Pause Pursuit




New Year, New Intros | 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Us


  1. Anita says:

    You are bright and beautiful! I loved reading more about you guys. As I sipped on my coffee early this morning, I lifted you up in prayer , praying God continues using the Pause Pursuit ministry, working in and thru many for his kingdom and glory. I pray the Pause Pursuit preserveres, grows and continues carrying his word, messages and voice through you. May the Pause Pursuit be a light and continue shining bright and be ignited as ambassadors for Christ.
    Also wanted to say thanks for the Christmas card and ornament and for being encouragers to us! You are a blessing to us. Thank you! Love you guys !

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