Meme-Inspired Quarantine Greeting Cards | Free Instant Download

Dear beautiful lady,

(because let’s #bereal – men are not gonna send out these cards…)

We are all tired.

Yes, it really is that hard.

No zoom meeting, minute alone, cookie devouring, or Netflix binge will change that.

We are all 6+ weeks into finding a “new normal”.

A pause in the day for sanity, or to find somewhat of a rhythm in our homes.

We are all spent, unsure of what a new normal will look like on the other side of this, and the last thing we feel like doing, even us extroverts, is adding another thing to the list of things “to do”. (can I get an amen?!)

But this time is about more about than just US and what’s going on in OUR HOMES.

(read that again….)

How can we serve and show others our love while practicing social distancing?

To reach out to someone beyond your home may seem exhausting, but let me tell you – we’ve created for you an EASY WAY TO MAKE SOMEONE’S DAY!

You don’t have to leave the house.

You don’t have to pin anymore crafts.

You don’t have to buy anything to make someone’s day.

We’ve done the work for you!

Simply download, print, address, and send.

Yes, like in the mail. Snail mail.

At the beginning of this pandemic, around March 15th, some people were putting their Christmas lights back up to spread cheer (or, those people who still had them up, just turned them back on! 😉 #guilty)

So, we are CHALLENGING you…whether you DO or you DON’T send out Christmas cards…

use that address book, an app on your phone, document, or memory of yours to SEND OUT QUARANTINE CARDS! 

I absolutely LOVE receiving snail mail.

It makes me feel loved, thought of, and appreciated…so, maybe instead of sending out Christmas cards (when everyone and their brother is sending happy pictures of their family in sweaters, showing off their highlight reels, etc.) send out these. At a time when people LEAST expect it. Put a smile on their face and remind them of your care in uncertain times!

One thing we ask is we’d LOVE to share the way you are sending and using them – so tag us on all the socials @thepausepursuit

SCROLL DOWN FOR YOUR INSTANT DOWNLOAD of our Quarantine Greeting Cards!



FREE DOWNLOAD – Quarantine Cards (Print)


We hope you love these as much as we loved making them! Feel free to share with family and friends to spread some “quarantine CHEER!”


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Meme-Inspired Quarantine Greeting Cards | Free Instant Download


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