Tending To The Tired Mom In Your Life This Mother’s Day

Calling all Husbands, Fathers, family members, children, grandparents, mom-tribe friends, and anyone else this may concern this Mother’s Day:

Still haven’t gotten anything for the woman who gave life to those little angels you call your offspring yet? Let me remind you – Mother’s Day is in 3 days!

And this year, it’s not on their teacher to make the perfect Mother’s Day craft with their grimy little handprints on it, it’s on you, my friend.

All of you.

That’s right –

Husbands, Fathers, family members, children, grandparents, mom-tribe friends, sisters, all of you.

The times of teachers covering up your lack are few and far between these days.

The times of relying on your mom or mother in law to take the kids off your hands for the night while you scramble to find something that she’d like the night before are gone this year.

We know that stinks, along with those dishes that have been piled up in the sink waiting for that tired mom to wash, as you pass them by again.

Here it is simply put:

Mother’s Day is certainly not canceled, just like Easter in this pandemic wasn’t canceled,  just as your meals have on the table every night have not been canceled, the Mommy laundry mat has not closed, and those kids who ran around playing in the mud kitchen that you built, are squeaky clean, and certainly have not given either of you a break during this pandemic.

Yes, that’s right Dad, we see you, too!

We know it’s been hard, but your day is coming, soon, promise.

But right now, we are talking about the Mother of your children.

And this year, Hallmark is not on your side.

The expensive 5-star spa with the all-inclusive “Mother’s Day treatment” is not on your side.

Her favorite restaurant is closed, there will be no night off cooking for her unless you come to the rescue, which I know you’ve done in the past. (that’s right, we brag on you too, guys.

Mom with child - Quote image - Hallmark is not on your side, time is not on your side, friend, and neither is Prime shipping. So, here's how to tend to the tired mom in your life. - Mother's Day

Time is not on your side, friend, and neither is Amazon Prime shipping.

Gifts aren’t going to be as easy this year, but you’re in luck, we’ve got you covered

Aside from our free Mother’s Day cards, and these amazing pay-what-you-can Mother’s Day Vouchers, here are a few things that she really needs, even if she won’t tell you:

  1. To sleep in, or at least take a long morning nap.
  2. Laundry folded and put away *read those last 2 words again!*
  3. An entire day of meals, and snacks prepared by someone other than her.
  4. A chance to remember the taste of hot food,  and to eat without someone asking her to get up and pour them a glass of milk, or stealing her food, spilling their food, or complaining about the food they are consuming.
  5. A fresh cup of HOT coffee prepared by someone other than her (and not microwaved 671 times)
  6. To take an uninterrupted shower without her children appendages joining her, or better yet, a long hot bath with candles.
  7. For you to take the kids on a long drive, walk, or bike ride to get them out of the house, so she can have 30 minutes in the comfort of her home with nothing calling her name but peace and quiet within the walls she works so hard in day in and day out.
  8. Another nap, another cup of HOT coffee.

  9. A photo of her and the kids that SHE does not have to ask for. You guessed it, a posed and a few candid photos would be nice. You know, ones with her in them, when she’s aware you’re taking the photo so she doesn’t look like two-ton-Tessy-wearing a toupe with baggy eyes.Mother and Children Candid Moments
  10. Tell her she’s beautiful (even if she does look like two-ton-Tessy-wearing a toupe with baggy eyes)
  11. Help the kids make her a card to go with these Mother’s Day Vouchers we’ve put together for you to give her. (you’ll get extra brownie points, here guys!)
  12. A new robe, new pajamas, UNDERWEAR, or a BRA because let’s be honest, she’s far from feeling sexy in anything she owns these days. She’s exhausted and you’d be amazed at what a new bra does for you both. Yes, we know you don’t like buying it, have one of her girlfriends order her something online, or get her a gift card. DUDE-TIP: Trust me, when she feels sexy, you will benefit from it too
  13. Gratitude for all she does. Let her feel seen and appreciated. I know it sounds crazy, but women really love that stuff. I know, right? Who knew women liked compliments? Honestly, this is the most important one. If you do everything else and miss this, you’ve missed the point. Plus, it’s free, so zero excuses.
  14. A long hug, without any distractions, or the intention of leading to something more. Just a hug. And maybe an ounce of gratitude spoken to her tired heart.
  15. A nap, and more caffeine because, #quarantine

You’ve totally got this, Husbands, Fathers, family members, children, grandparents, mom-tribe friends, and anyone else this may concern – we know you do!


*set a reminder, or two, or sixteen, text a friend to remind you, leave yourself a note in your car – anything to remember….*

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th

It is this Sunday.

Not Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday,

or two weeks away,

Not next week, but Mother’s Day is It is THIS Sunday!

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Tending To The Tired Mom In Your Life This Mother’s Day


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