Father’s Day 2020: Couldn’t Leave Us Out, Right Guys!?

We all know how important moms are and thus, Mother’s Day always gets celebrated big, and it should! But let’s not forget about us dudes out there. Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if the next few weeks continue on how the past few months have been going, we’re gonna need some dad love just as bad as all ya’ll moms did!

I know we keep saying it, but this time we’re living in is unlike anything we’ve experienced before. It’s new territory for all of us; dad’s included.

Sure, for some of you, not much has changed, but I’d bet the majority of us have been impacted in major ways. Whether you’ve been working from home, trying to figure out how the heck to make that happen amidst the chaos of your family causing all sorts of raucous in the other room, or you’re at a company that’s essential, meaning you probably have 2-3 times the workload you’ve had in the past (pray for our doctors, nurses, police, and everyone drastically affected by all the changes!), or you are somewhere in between the two, there’s no doubt you have been affected in some way.

I know us dudes don’t tend to show our feelings. We don’t let people know when we’re drained or feeling weak. Heck, oftentimes, we don’t even realize it, because we won’t admit it to ourselves, or pause long enough to see the emotional pit we’re falling into!

Well, regardless of where you are, I want to encourage you today.





Don’t let the devil tell you otherwise.

Continue giving it your all, and surrendering everything to God, and He will stay by your side. He will lift you up. He will be your rock to stand on.

Whether you’re working around the clock, saving lives, and changing the world, but feeling like you’re missing opportunities as a dad, or you’re pouring into your kids like a champ, but feeling like your other areas of life are at a standstill, know that you are doing GREAT.

It’s impossible to be perfect, but we have a DAD who is exactly that. He is the best role model we can have. Continue striving after Christ and you can’t go wrong. Even the times we fall or mess up, if we push back to Him, push to still be like Him, then we will continue growing and moving forward!

This Father’s Day, let’s find time to rest.

Wives, moms (and kids who are old enough to read), prioritize dad. Whether Father’s Day is a huge event in your house every year or not, let’s be intentional this year about celebrating our pops, our old man, our daddy.

If you’re looking for a great gift idea, or even if you just want to add a little something extra to that Hallmark card this year, check out our custom Father’s Day Vouchers.

Daughter on dad's shoulders flexing arms - Quote image - It's impossible to be perfect, but we have a DAD who is exactly that. He is the best role model we can have. - Father's Day 2020

These are instant, digital downloads, so even you procrastinators, reading this the day before Father’s Day can snatch these now, print ’em off, and slip them into a card for your man!

Buy a copy for your dad. Your grandad.

Your husband.

Shoot, buy a copy for a friend who is a dad just to show him how all of his hard work and efforts are not going unnoticed!

The Mother’s Day Vouchers were a big hit (shout out to you dads out there who snagged a copy for your wife!), so we knew we had to bring something for the dads too!

If you got the Mother’s Day Vouchers, you’ll see some similar coupons in here, but there are also quite a few unique ones that I think us dads will really enjoy.

Also, since we’re still all fighting through this pandemic, we’ve decided to offer these vouchers with the special Pay-What-Can pricing as well!

Please don’t let these tough times be a reason not to bless the father’s in your life with something special this year for Father’s Day!

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From this dad to yours, I can tell you firsthand, I CAN’T WAIT to use these coupons!!

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Father’s Day 2020: Couldn’t Leave Us Out, Right Guys!?


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