Scripture Based Prayers For The New School Year

As first time parents navigating these waters of “Back-to-School” for the FIRST TIME, and, none-the-less, in the middle of a global pandemic, we wanted to share scripture-based prayers for back to school. To guide you in covering your children with the most essential thing they need this school year: God’s protection through prayer.

Prayers you can use throughout the year to ask God to bless your children’s lives as we navigate the pandemic and the unknown, together.

While some schools are closed and remote, others have plans for a full return, leaving parents, and school leaders with plenty of questions. What will school look like? How will the day-to-day unfold? What will parents do if schools are closed and they’re heading back to work? Do I send them in, or do remote learning? Will they be safe?

In the middle of the chaos, the unknown, and questioning, it’s essential to keep in mind the only One who goes before our children as they enter the halls, or roam their homes on their first day of school. The only One who is on the other side of this pandemic, and our children’s school year. Inviting God into your morning and back to school routine is a helpful way to ask God to sustain and prepare kids for the year ahead, as well as a reminder that the Lord loves your children even more than you do, and He holds them tightly as you loosen your grip.

Child getting on school bus

These scripture-based prayers will lead you into turning to God to ask Him to bless and guide your children’s paths, protect them, and lead the ones who we’ve entrusted to their care, as they navigate the unknown, and back-to-school scenarios for themselves.

Heavenly Father, I come to You on my child’s first day of school to focus intensely on You, and to ask that You would fill my child’s heart with Your love today. Your word encourages me to be strong and courageous and to not be afraid, for You have promised to be with my child whenever they go. (Joshua 1:9) That the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells within them goes before them and guides them towards Your peace. (Romans 8:11) Lord, I pray that today, as my child walks through the doors, that You would bless and protect him/her. That You would be gracious to them as they meet new friends, embark on new adventures, and that You would show your favor to them, and bring them peace in all situations. (Numbers 6:24-26)

I ask that You protect my child’s heart and mind. Help him/her to focus on You and to remember You in his/her interactions with others. I also pray that You would help him/her to find the right friends and influences. I praise You that within the walls of our home, we have trained them up to meditate on Your word and that as we have welcomed You into our lives, that as they leave the walls of our home, they will not depart from the truth. (Proverbs 22:6)

Father, guide me as the loving, life-giving parent that You are, as I navigate these uncharted waters and help guide my child. I also pray for our family’s safety, and protection, and that no disease or calamity will come near our place of dwelling. (Psalm 91:10) Thank You, Lord, that Your faithfulness is my shield, and under Your wing, I, and my family can rest safely.  In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.


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Scripture Based Prayers For The New School Year


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