You may roll your eyes at our story, and believe, like the rest of the world, that we were so naive meeting so young and being each other’s first TRUE love. While many of you may have seen us the 9 years of marriage (14+ years together, and 18+ years of great friendship + middle […]

Daily Pursuit | Celebrating 9 Years of Marriage!

To the one who may not know that on the days where we forget to notice each other, my heart still sees you. I still see you. I See You I see the sacrifices you make. I see the little things you do. I see when you move our baby monitor to your side of […]

I See You: Always Keep Pursuing Your Spouse – A Confession To My Husband (Giveaway Included!)

In a world where busyness is glorified, self is absorbed, and comfort is ranked higher than calling, we kept feeling a hunger in our hearts for God to be experienced beyond what we’ve seen in our everyday. We knew there had to be more to finding our purpose; finding your purpose together. In a day […]

The Heart + Purpose Behind The Pause Pursuit (Giveaway Included!)

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