The Beauty of Diversity – Raising Image-Bearers

As we take time today to celebrate and honor a man who stood for unity, love, and honor, we can’t help but celebrate diversity, and the truth behind the lie that divides us – the truth that we are all made in the image of God.

“God created man in His own image, in the image of God, He created him, male and female.” – Genesis 1:26

But how do we begin to display this truth to our children? How do we raise our children, and lead by example, for them to bear the image of God in a world that is dimmed by division and hatred? What are the practical steps to lead them in celebrating diversity in today’s culture?

One way we can raise image-bearers is by teaching children what it means to be created in the image of God and then living in such a way that proves that we believe all people have inherent value.

This may be hard to read, but as a white female, raising children in a sheltered community, I believe that our work of raising image-bearers is not complete unless we are actively demonstrating to our children the beauty of diversity.

The value of diversity.

The pain of diversity, though we have not walked in it in our own skin, and the extreme value it has when lived out in love and vulnerability.

We must raise our children to see the inherent value in all people, giving glory to God for His creation.

This starts with ourselves.

This starts in the walls of our home, because if not first there, then where?

Recently, a close friend, who has one of the most beautiful daughters, and a heart of a warrior like her mama (my dear friend), stopped by for a driveway “hi”, and my daughter asked, “why does your baby have different color skin?”

Instead of silencing her curiosity, or changing the topic quickly – I asked a question. I asked my friend how to handle and encourage her curiosity.

Practical steps to celebrating diversity in your home:

The beauty of diversity - ethnically diverse children together

 1. Pay attention

Notice and gauge when your kids start showing interest in differences in others. It may be someone with glasses, a friend at school that has blonde hair, or a friend that has darker or lighter skin. Kids are curious, and the last thing we want to do as parents is shut down when they have questions. Pay attention to their cues of interest, and seek counsel on how to teach them in an honorable, respectful way among trusted friends.

2. Pray

Pray for the church globally, learning with your children more about the needs of the church in other countries and cultures. Confess your own sins of prejudice, racism, apathy, etc. Share your failures, and help your children learn from your mistakes. Pray for peace and justice, and unity in our country. In a world that demands division, create a safe space in your home to celebrate culture, ethnicity, and diversity.

Pray for those who have been hurt by racism, or division, or by someone in the church. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God, but God has a beautiful plan of restoration, through His son Jesus. Pray that you have a heart that sheds the light of that in a world that is dark.

3. Learn

Study the scriptures to learn more about what it means to be created in His image and how that should change the way you act, treat, and esteem others above ourselves.

Read from a diverse range of authors. Educate yourself and your children in the walls of your home so you know how and what they are being taught on diversity, and how we are all made unique and in the image of God.

4 . Listen to others and value their words

Listen to and respect what your children say. Reach out to others in your church or community with different experiences than you, and take time to hear their hearts, and to learn from a place of safety with those you trust.

5. Act on what you learn

Call out the sin of treating others with hatred or racism. As Christ’s heirs, we need to honor that we are all made in the image of God, with unique beauty and giftings. Cultivate a culture of celebrating diversity, within the safety of a Christ-centered home that genuinely celebrates the beauty of all of God’s creation, with different skin colors, beliefs, and backgrounds.

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