The Pandemic Cure | Answering the Hard Questions

Perhaps you’ve noticed we’ve been a little silent over here the past few months. That’s because we’ve met will all the experts, and Jesus himself, to bring you our magical guide of how to properly and perfectly parent in a pandemic while being all the things to everybody.

Ok, so as much as we wish that was true, the fact of the matter is, we have been silent, and are still waiting on that book ourselves. (C’mon somebody!)

As we come upon the ONE YEAR anniversary of the launch of this ministry in just a few days, (WHATTTT!!!) we want you to know that our silence has been intentional.

God showed us several weeks back that in order to operate first and foremost in surrender and obedience to His call over The Pause Pursuit, we must first and foremost reset, renew, and rest in none other than Himself. That he cares for the well being of our home, and the conditions of our heart, more than the call He’s given us.

And, like all of you, the truth is, there is no right way to live in a pandemic.

There’s no right way to walk through loss, suffer silently, and be everything to everybody. There is no magic formula, no reset button that will bring back the past months many of us feel like we’ve lost in this global pandemic.

But there is a Mighty God that we’ve needed to PURSUE more than even this ministry for the health of our family. We’ve needed to connect to the source of peace, in order to hear in His gentle way, what He has next for the Pause Pursuit, and let me tell you, friends, it’s goooooooood.

And that same Author is speaking to you now, right where you are the same words He spoke to us before taking a reset for our family.

Who said I needed to?

Who said I needed to be all the things.

Every day, life tends to ask some tricky, unexpected, unattainable things of us lately, doesn’t it? 

Do I homeschool my children?

Do I send them to school?

Do they wear a mask?

Will my position still be needed in a month?

Where is the end in sight in this pandemic?

How will we ever go back to “a new normal?”

And then, there are days where the really tough ones come, straight from God’s heart to yours, piercing every ounce of darkness with His all-encompassing light;

Child, how are you honoring what’s most important to me through this?”

Tired woman head down, hands over her eyes - Quote image - How are you honoring what's important to God during this time of unknown? - The Pandemic Cure | Answering the Hard Questions

We long for clear priorities, direction, and choosing to spend time on our next to-do item, many times not even realizing that our priorities and to-do’s many days don’t line up with the beat of His heart. 

Sometimes, the moments we are waiting for, the impact moments when all of a sudden peace and pursuit collide and you see what’s most important to you, are more attainable than we think. 

It happens organically, in the small -middle of- moments.

Yes, even in the “middle-of-a-global-pandemic” moments.

The middle-of-feeling- like you can’t take another step moments, and your child looks at you and says they want to be just like you when they grow up.

The middle-of-fear gripped decision moments when a song comes on, or a familiar voice comes through the speakers of your headphones confirming the very thing God had spoken to you earlier.

The middle-of-moments-when you pause, to pursue His heart.

You pause and give your spouse your undivided attention.

You pause and rest in the arms of the only one who has been on the other side of this pandemic and comes out victorious.

So let me ask you this, how are you honoring what’s important to Him during this time of unknown? We desire to spend our time being intentional in our careers, homes, and personas on social media,  but are we honoring what’s most important to Him?

I’ll be the first one to raise my hand and say not always.

The most important thing to God is a relationship.

God seeks and longs for a relationship with all mankind.

At the very core of His being, His heart is for an intimate relationship with you, and for you to discover who you are and what He has created you for.

At your utmost being, Your true and fulfilling purpose in life is born out of an intimate relationship with an Almighty God.

36 “Teacher, which is the most important commandment?

37 Jesus replied, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 The entire law and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commandments.” -Matthew 22:36-40

So then, how do we protect our intimacy with the Lord, when we are weary?

How do we share that relationship with others, as we invite them into a relationship with Him?

How can we possibly even begin to honor and care for everything that God has asked us to steward? Our spouses, children, those that are lost, the ministries and circle of influence He has placed us in, our homes careers…

It’s easier than you think, and it took me 32 years to find the answer.

We pause.

We rest.

We take the time to reset, reflect, retreat, and renew.

We cling to hope when all seems hopeless.

We return to our first Love, the One who sees us in our weakness and calls us His treasure.

Father, I come to you today and ask that you would show me any areas I have not made my relationship with you my top priority. Remove anything I have placed on the throne before you. Show me, Lord, how to offer and extend your love to others who are hurting, and how to fix my thoughts on your ways, and pursue the things that are near to your heart. 

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